Ceramic Veneer Endurance

One of the frequently asked questions when we talk about veneers is about their endurance. A legit question, considering this can be, up to 0.1-02mm. Furthermore ceramic is a brickle material. However, veneers are some of the most enduring treatments available in nowadays dentistry.

To understand that, we must first understand the structure of natural teeth.

Natural tooth consists of two substrates:

Enamel - the toughest tissue in the human body, but also a brickle tissue, almost like ceramics.
Dentin - the core of the tooth, which is less tough and more elastic, that acts like a shock absorber.

The two structures make the perfect combination. The resulting tooth has the toughness to cut and chew, and also the elasticity to absorb shocks and masticatory forces. A simple example to understand the phenomenon. Suppose we have a glass window on the floor, and we drop a 5kg ( 10 pounds ) weight from 30 cm height, the glass will break. If however we glue the glass window to the floor, the same weight dropped from the same height, will not break the glass, because the forces will be absorbed by the floor as well, since the floor and the glass glued together, become a new body. The same principle applies to teeth. Dentin and enamel work in the same way.

 In 1928, a California dentist, called Charles Pincus, was known to change the actors appearance, by using the first resin veneers at that time. However they had poor adhesion and were only temporary. Decades later, in 1959, Buonocore makes a discovery which will revolutionise modern dentistry. He discovers a way to bond ceramics to the natural enamel, principle which stands at the very base of adhesive dentistry even today.

 This principle allows us to bond ceramics to natural teeth. With the current bonding agents, veneers life span is anywhere between 15 and 30 years.

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Published: 29 07 2015 Last review: 30 09 2020
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