by Paulo Kano


SKIN is a concept that revolutionizes the way to make dental restorations, achieving excellence in function and physiology. It proposes to mimic the morphology of natural teeth, and can be used in several indications of oral rehabilitations.

This new technique involves the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies, allowing extract the maximum of precision, quality and speed, in obtaining ceramic restorations. It permits greater predictability of results and reduction of important clinical and laboratory steps, dispensing waxup for diagnostic and mockups. The SKIN morphology portfolio is comprised of digital databases or physical models, allowing the unlimited creation of smiles through the numerous dental compositions, including the inherited transference of consanguineous patients.

Previous edition: January 2018 


The use of digital mechanisms makes possible the micrometric milling, superior to what could be achieved by the human abilities, which allows the precise fit of the ceramic pieces, resulting in a perfect cementation.

The SKIN method makes possible to create veneers, crowns, full mouth rehabilitations, implant prostheses and surgical guides. Resulting in a personalized aesthetic, according to the patient's choices.

Magic MakeUp

Since the introduction of ceramic in dentistry, clinicians and researchers have been looking for a restorative system that can associate beauty, strength and durability. 

Dental ceramics are materials that come aesthetically closest to natural teeth. With the improvement of the pigments, it has been possible to combine the excellent aesthetic characteristics of this material.

Last review: 18 10 2018
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