100% pure digital workflow


RAW is a pure digital workflow for copying natural morphology, individualised and simplified in Dentcof's philosophy and optimised for both open and closed CAD-CAM Systems. RAW will empower you to obtain natural shapes and textures directly from the CAD-CAM system, using a digital workflow, without touching the restorations after milling. 
You will learn how do design using imperfection and harmony, with the help of nature's unlimited library of designs. We will cover all clinical aspects from initial digital design, to surgical integration, preparation guides, scanning techniques, all the way to isolation, bonding and final photography.

On the lab side, the 3D stain technique, will help you achieve an in-depth illusion for characterisations, learn all about 3D print ( printing the mock-up as well as the alveolar model, materials, tips and tricks). 
You will also learn about Provisionalization options ( how to design fast, inexpensive and superior provisional restorations ) and How to optimise the CAM software, for optising your milling machine.
This is an immersive 3 day course, packed with information and clinical demonstration of one complete case from A to Z.

Main Topics:

  • Smile design fundamentals, and digital shortcuts
  • Balancing symmetry, harmony and imperfection
  • Copying nature using digital technology
  • Double Scan / Hole Technique : Vital tips and tricks.
  • Preparation and surgical guides for both hard and soft tissue recontouring
  • Preparation for CAD-CAM restorations
  • Complete step-by-step clinical workflow
  • 3D Print integration with open systems
  • Fabrication of 3D printed alveolar model
  • Highly aesthetic, fast and inexpensive CAD-CAM provisionals
  • CAM fundamentals, unleashing the potential of your milling machine

Course designed for:  CAD-CAM users ( dentists or lab technicians ), Ideal to dentists/technicians that are planning to invest in CAD-CAM and need a shortcut.

Check previous editions : October 2016 , February 2017, June 2017, November 2017 , March 2018

Library based-design

Replace the man-made wax-up with natural library based design. Pure digital design, 3D Printed mock-up using natural morphology. Also learn how to capture shapes and make your own library.


  • Photo-Video Protocol
  • Planning the treatment 
  • 3D printed mock-up
  • First scanning and preparation 
  • Second scanning and impression 
  • Try-in

3D Staining technique

Considering that every CAD-CAM system uses a monolithic material, the surface painting technique  is essential for the final aesthetics. In this course you will learn a 3D staining technique that creates the opalescent illusion and in-depth effects, and has a beautiful aesthetic result, looking from any angle. 


  • 3D Staining Sequence
  • Glazing Sequence : Tips & Tricks.
  • Open Q&A


Last review: 10 12 2018
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