Photo. Video. Design. Presentation Skills.

Visuals is a photo-video advanced course for the passionate. You will learn the basic rules of design, intra-oral photography, portrait photography (in the studio), clinical  and studio video,  photo and video post-processing. Everything about settings, specifications, equipment and up-to-date tehnological options. You will also learn visual grammar, how to tell a story in images and in a video. Visual anatomy of emotional impact. How to design a video from the story board, script, to filming and post-production. 

Main topics:

  • Understanding the basics of design : Composition, contrast, perspective, visual grammar
  • Photography from A to Z  : Clinical , portrait , product photography. Protocols.
  • Video from A to Z : Clinical and artistic video 
  • Slide design and presentation skills.

Course includes:

  • Lunch menus & coffee breaks
  • Dinner  with the speakers and part of the Dentcof team

Course designed for:  Speakers, Foto-Video Enthusiasts, Marketing, Brand Managers

Check previous editions: December 2016

Visual literacy

Whenever you choose to be a designer, any kind of designer : smile designer, interior designer, web designer, or even slide designer, either you are born with an aesthetic sense, or it needs to be trained just like anything else. In both scenarios, you need to be able to understand why you like things, and what you like about them, and why you don't like other things and be able to tell exactly why. This is the first step of this journey. Its the part where you create your own vision. Your style.  This can be later on transmited into photography, video or beautiful slides.

Main Topics

  • Understanding design
  • Rules of beauty
  • Contrast
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Visual Grammar


  • Slide design

Photo-video from A to Z. Visual grammar

You will learn a complete package, for both photo and video. Photo-video protocols for clinical content and complete workflow for artistical content. Everything you need to know about equipments, settings, options and post-processing. 

Main Topics

  • Photography demystified : Basics
  • Clinical photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Product photography
  • Video demystified : Basics
  • Clinical video / Video Mock-up


  • Clinical photography
  • Hands-on photography
  • Creating a script /shotlist 
  • Filming a short video
  • Editing the final project

Visual anatomy of emotional impact

Emotional impact is the difference between beautiful and memorable. Emotional impact has its own anatomy and science, which once understood, can be reproduced in any content. Learn to understand and control the essence. Learn to eliminate things that dilute the impact. 


  • Film-making overview
  • Storytelling theory
  • Storytelling technique
  • Sequencing shots
  • Visual grammar
  • Editing theory
  • Photo & Video setup & settings


  • Shot-list
  • Photo & Video shoot in studio, office, lobby
  • Clinical Photo & Video shoot


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC workspace
  • Choosing music
  • Story questions and plan
  • Rough & Fine Cut (Adobe Premiere)
  • Working with photos (Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere)
  • Titles and animations (Adobe Premiere, After Effects)
  • Export & Archive
Last review: 27 05 2019
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