Dentcof Research

Dentcof Research is the educational division of Dentcof. All courses have a unique format, in which you can experiment Dentcof's vision live. Each edition is an up-to-date keynote for the latest concepts, cases or news, and it is hosted once or twice a year. The courses focus on interdisciplinary digital dentistry, using a feasible and clinically proven philosophy. All these in an authentic atmosphere where you have the chance to feel like part of the team for a few days.

Dentcof Research has an impressive resume in innovation, especially in digital dentistry, being responsible for developing, co-developing, improving and promoting concepts as emotional dentistry, Clinical Side of DSD , Kinetics, Video Documentation in aesthetic dentistry, SKIN concept and various other digital dentistry concepts.



Paramount – Implant & Soft tissue

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 02 - 03 November 2018
  Available places: 1 / 20
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English


Strategic - Management & Marketing/ Digital integration

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 22 - 23 November 2018
  Available places: 4 / 15
  Available in 10 days
  Course language: English


Motion and emotion 2019

  dentcof, Timisoara, 07 - 09 February 2019
  Available places: 14 / 20
  Available in about 2 months
  Course language: English
Published: 30 08 2018


RAW - Copying natural morphology

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 04 - 06 April 2019
  Available places: 15 / 20
  Available in about 4 months
  Course language: English
Published: 26 03 2016 Last review: 12 11 2018
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