Gustavo Giordani

Graduated the Universidade Paulista - UNIP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Specialised in Maxillofacial and Periodontal Surgery and Impantology.

Took a fellowship in Belgium, on “Implants and Periodontal Plastic Surgery” with Dr. Eric van Dooren, and he continues his work with him in the present.

In the present is also working with Dr. Marcelo Calamita and Dr. Marcos Pitta in their clinic in Sao Paulo, and also is one of the surgeons of Atelie Oral, considered the most succesful dental clinic of Brazil and South America. 

He is also lecturing on Implantology and Periodontal surgery, in Brazil and Europe.

Before and after

Published: 04 09 2015 Last review: 30 09 2020
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