All-ceramic crowns. Natural anatomy and longevity

Dental crowns are used to restore function and esthetics of structurally compromised teeth and dental implants. All-ceramic crowns are made from different types of ceramics, that have various indications. Depending on the case , we will select the best material, aiming for a balance between esthetics and longevity.

Facially-driven design

The smile is a facial feature, therefore we design each crown from a facial perspective. We use digital smile design to find the ideal size, proportion and shape of each future tooth.

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Copying nature with CAD-CAM. Digital workflows.

We use CAD-CAM systems to copy natural tooth anatomy. Advanced digital workflows ( skyn concept ) allow us to harvest natural tooth shape and texture and reproduce it in restorations. Dentcof is one of the pilot centers in the world where this concept is developed. 

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Precision. Longevity

Both dentists and technicians use magnification for their work ( dental microscopes and magnifiers ), allowing superior precision. In dentistry, precision means longevity. An all-ceramic crown can have a life-span up to 20 years.

Superior ceramics

We use ceramics with superior optical properties. These types of ceramics have beautiful value and a gradient translucency. Together with natural shape and texture design, restorations have a lively beauty.



24/7 Logistic support

We provide all our patients 24/7 logistic support, through a professional KPG ( Key patient guide ) service. You get a personal contact, who will handle all your logistic needs and make sure you have a smooth experience throughout the treatment.

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                   All-ceramic crowns. Superior ceramics. Natural anatomy. Facially-driven design. 

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Published: 04 08 2015 Last review: 28 10 2020
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