Bone grafts

Once a tooth is lost, bone resorbtion follows. Periodontal disease or trauma can also cause bone resorbtion. Bone grafting is a treatment used to rebuild the lost bone, using various surgical procedures and biomaterials. This procedure is essential in complex cases that require dental implant therapy.

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If you are afraid of surgeries, you are not the only one. It's normal, however, this should not prevent you from getting the treatment you need. The solution for this kind of problems is quite a simple one. Surgeries can be performed under sedation, or under general anesthesia, a state of induced sleep, that completely elimintates discomfort and anxiety. 

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Digital planning. Individualised procedures

Every case is planned digitally and executed with the most suitable procedure. The philosophy used to select the most suitable procedure, is the ratio between the most long lasting result, and the least invasive procedure.

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The right man for the job

Sometimes the right man for the job in a complex case, can be half way across the globe. Dentcof has the necessary logistics to find and bring the right man for the job, should the case require it.


       Bone grafting. Minimally-invasive procedures. Individualised solutions.

Published: 12 08 2015 Last review: 19 01 2020
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