4D Dentistry with ModJaw


The concept of 4D Dentistry refers to the implementation of dynamic functional jaw motion data into the digital workflow for diagnosis and treatment planning of prosthetic and orthodontic cases. CAD designing and CAM manufacturing of an occlusal scheme in harmony with function remains a major challenge in complex full mouth rehabilitations. Occlusal plane inclination is extremely dependent on the individual mandibular motion trajectories and the choice of an occlusal concept in harmony with function plays a major role in the long term success of dental rehabilitation. This master class will provide the theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary to implement the 4D Dentistry rehabilitation concept to treat your patients more efficiently.

The discovery day of the program is addressed to specialists who are working with digital workflows and need to implement the missing link which is functional diagnosis. The training day is addressed to specialists who are already using Modjaw technology or ar planning to acquire it.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us on: research@dentcof.ro 

Day 1: 4D Discovery 

Understand how the use of 4D data will transform your daily practice and take full advantage of the technology you have at hand for more efficiencies and the greater good of your patients.

  • Understand how the integration of functional diagnosis will impact your case planning.
  • Function fundamentals within aesthetical restorations 
  • Diagnostic accuracy: gathering the essential data 
  • Enhancing the predictability of the treatment
  • Enhancing the prosthetics design and quality
  • Rehabilitation for patients with risk of toothwear, periodontal breakdowns or TMJ disorders
Day 2: 4D Training
Immerse yourself in Tech in Motion®, make you own records and learn how to take full advantage of the software for enhanced diagnosis and improved prosthetic works.
• Training on Tech in Motion
• Individual try out session 
• Discovery of Modjaw software functionalities, exports and analysis
• Direct application on clinical cases
• Wrap up – integration with current workflow


Published: 22 05 2019 Last review: 16 09 2019
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