Motion and Emotion

Smile design and treatment planning course

The course is focused on smile design and treatment planning, both in mindset and implementation. It is designed as a common core for both analogue and digital workflows, revealed from a dentist’s point of view. Motion and Emotion course is balanced between crystal clear lecturing components and comprehensive hands-on experience on multiple cases and clinical scenarios.


Topics covered:

  • Smile design concepts. Anatomy of facial esthetics.
  • Simplified photo-video protocol, with high quality standard
  • Treatment planning and interdisciplinary integration. Understanding the implications of our design decisions.
  • Smile design: From concept to every-day protocol in the clinical reality
  • Functional, biological and structural considerations of smile design. 

Course includes:

  • Lunch menus & coffee breaks
  • Dinner  with the professors and part of the Dentcof team. 

Course designed for:  Dentists. No requirements needed. 

Group option: For groups of 4+  participants, please contact us directly for custom offer.

Check previous editions: May 2016 , September 2016,  Zagreb 2016

The journey from problem to design to experience


During this practical part of the course you will explore solutions for different scenarios. Each participant will be assigned a case to document, plan and design with Dentcof technicians. You will present to the lectors the mockup and patient experience. 

  • Case planning 
  • Design with Dentcof technicians 
  • Mockup
  • Patient experience 




Neuroscience of perception. Emotional impact.

You will learn maybe the most important concept of all, the smile as an expression of an emotion and how does that affect the perspective of smile design. Patient's motivation explained. The neuroscience behind decision making and the perception of beauty. 

Topics covered: 

  • Understanding beauty and human expression
  • The neuroscience behind perception
  • Designing patient experience 
  • Understanding contrast, motivation and perspective as key aspects in patient experience
  • Designing high-impact emotional content


Published: 30 08 2018 Last review: 24 09 2020
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