Implants & soft tissue

Paramount is an always up-to-date course with focus on the critical area of our domain: implants and soft tissue in anterior zone. The course takes place once or twice every year, it is always updated on the most challenging subjects of the domain, and gives simple and feasible solutions to real clinical matters. Every edition incorporates a live surgery session, case presentation and interactive discussions. 

Main topics: 

  • Biology and mechanics in aesthetic and functional implant restoration
  • Understanding Perio-prostho interface
  • The main parameters that influence aesthetic outcome
  • New developments in prosthetic materials and surgical procedures
  • Interdisciplinary integration in complex cases
  • Tissue management via abutment design
  • The surgical alveolar model
  • Minimal invasive soft tissue grafts
  • Root coverage procedures
  • Aesthetic crown lengthening

Live Case:

  • Live surgeries : Implant in anterior zone / recession coverage in anterior zone / ridge augmentation / bone and tissue grafts.
  • Planning overview and guided surgery : We will use surgical guides for all cases, and explain the planning and fabrication.
  • Open Q&A

Course includes:

  • Lunch menus & coffee breaks
  • Dinner  with the speakers and part of the Dentcof team

Course designed for:  Surgeons, prosthodontists, dental technicians & multidisciplinary teams 

Digital dentistry integration and guided surgery

Our main focus at Dentcof is digital dentistry. In every edition, Paramount focuses on guided surgery, digital planning ( DSD ), CAD-CAM and 3D print, and their integration in feasible and effective workflows. If you want the latest updates in this industry, probabbly this is a good place to be.

Key features:

  • Guided surgery breakdown. Solutions
  • Digital planning ( integration of DSD as a protocol and as a mindset )
  • High impact photo-video protocols in action
  • Using 3D Print and library-based design for SKYN concept integration
  • CAD-CAM : Going beyond the 'next, next' workflow.
  • This is a Commercial free course, just as all education should be.
Last review: 10 08 2020
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