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Digital dentistry is the fastest growing segment of dentistry today and probably this is not going to change soon. This course is about empowering the surgeon to adapt to the digital ecosystem. We will be talking about guided surgery, planning an implant position leveraging esthetic demands and bone availability, and also manufacturing precise guides to deliver clinically. Every edition incorporates a live surgery session, case presentation, hands-on and interactive discussions. 

Main topics: 

  • Understanding and managing the perio-prostho interface and the biologic width.
  • Understanding the prosthetic toolset and limitations of the implant system. Choosing the right indication.
  • Soft tissue management as a synergy between surgical procedure and prosthetic design.
  • Anatomy of the transmucosal profile
  • Digital workflow options for achieving optimal profile.
  • Provisional restorations. Designing a provisional prior to surgery. Material selection.

Live Case:

  • Live surgeries : Implant in anterior zone
  • Planning overview and guided surgery: We will use surgical guides for all cases, and explain the planning and fabrication.
  • Open Q&A

Course includes:

  • Lunch menus & coffee breaks
  • Dinner  with the speakers and part of the Dentcof team

Course designed for:  Surgeons, prosthodontists, dental technicians & multidisciplinary teams 

Group option: For groups of 4+  participants, please contact us directly for custom offer.

Day 1


  • Adapting an analogue mindset to a digital world.
  • Surgical-Prosthetic integration
  • Designing an optimal workflow
  • Implant planning fundamentals
  • Soft tissue management as a synergy between surgical procedure and prosthetic design.

Hands on : Surgical guide design and implant planning ( Msoft )

Day 2

Hands-on :

  • Designing transmucosal profile ( Abutment )
  • Designing provisional restoration according to design. 

Live surgery:

  • Anterior implant case.


Last review: 24 09 2020
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