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Dental treatments are traditionally expensive services, especially in Western Europe or US. Dental tourism is not something new. It's been done for a long time. Patients travelling to countries in Eastern Europe for cheaper treatments. And for some it's working great, for others not so great, as we hear bad stories in the media from time to time. We believe quality today does not have a flag anymore, or not as much as it used to have. You can have bad suprises or good surprises pretty much anywhere. We have a simple mission when it comes to dental tourism. We aim to deliver an unbeatable ratio in terms of quality / cost. We aim for affordable high-end dentistry, all of this in a specialised format, adapted for the smart nowadays traveler. 


Affordable high-end dentistry

Costs of dental services depend on the place you live in, on the economic level of that specific country. Quality standards don't however. A good quality treatment does not depend on the economic level of the country you get the treatment, but on the quality level of the clinic you have it done in.We aim to deliver an unbeatable ratio quality-costs. You can have access to high-end dentistry, at Romanian market costs. 

24/7 Logistic support

We provide all our patients 24/7 logistic support, through a professional KPG ( Key patient guide ) service. You get a personal contact, who will handle all your logistic needs and make sure you have a smooth experience throughout the treatment.

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Aftercare in your own country

Depending on the country you live in, we will point you to a specialist in your neighbourhood, for the aftercare of the treatments you received at Dentcof. All the specialists we recommend have been trained in our educational programmes. 

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Published: 04 08 2015 Last review: 28 10 2020
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