Dentcof is a dental clinic specialized in aesthetic treatments on natural teeth and dental implants. Treatment plans are individualised based on the challenges of every case. A precise estimate for every treatment is generated based on the final design and functional treatment plan.

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Cost Estimates

 - Between 100 and 2.000 euro - Non-Complicated restorative treatments, such as multiple composite restorations, root canal treatments, or single tooth aesthetic or implant cases.
 - Between 2.000 - 4.000 euro - New smile in simple cases, simple orthodontic treatments, without the need of changing function.
- Between 4.000 - 8.000 euro - Complex interdiciplinary cases that require implants, tissue reconstruction, orthodontic treatments and/or changing function
- Over 8.000 euro - Full mouth cases, with complex logistics, that require specialists from other countries, or extraordinary synchronization to meet a specific deadline

Time Estimates

- Treatments that are usually performed on the same day.
 - Treatments that are usually performed in 5 working days ( same week )
- Treatments that require healing time, post-surgery, or simple tooth movements. 
- Complex surgical treatments with multiple healing times or complex orthodontic multidisciplinary cases.

Precise Estimate

For a precise estimate, two things are needed: Initial diagnostic, which compiles all the case problems and challenges and final design which will integrate desired aesthetics with biologic, functional and structural principles. The treatment plan is the least invasive shortcut between the two ( initial and desired final ). Both are presented and defined visually, so you can understand your situation in a simple way.

Detailed explanation of all required procedures, costs, alternatives will be delivered to you upon consultation. 

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24/7 Logistic support

We provide all our patients 24/7 logistic support, through a professional KPG ( Key patient guide ) service. You get a personal contact, who will handle all your logistic needs and make sure you have a smooth experience throughout the treatment.

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Financing options

Financing options are available on most treatment plans, so you don't need to save untill you can smile. We would rather have you enjoy your smile and your health when you need it. 

Published: 04 08 2015 Last review: 29 10 2020
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