Ioan 'Sefu' Cofar, DDS, CDT

Ioan Cofar, DDS, CDT is a dentist and a dental technician since 1985, graduating "Magna cum Laude".In 1991 he founded together with Dr. Irina Cofar, the Dentcof clinic, one of the first dental offices with a private dental lab after the 1989 revolution. From 1994 until now, he specialises on complex oral rehabilitations and dental implants. He is the leader of the medical Dentcof team, and the most experienced surgeon from the team.

Mainly treats complex dental esthetic cases on dental implants and natural teeth.
Advanced training in: dental implants, periodontal treatments, dental crowns, veneers

Before and after

Published: 22 08 2015 Last review: 30 09 2020
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