Maxime Jaisson, DDS, MSc, PHD

Dr. Maxime Jaisson graduated in Dentistry in 2006 (Reims University). 


Highly attired also by engineering and technology, he has combined this knowledge with Odontology concepts and hold a PhD in Biomechanics (2012) for works related to Digital Maxillofacial prosthesis.   


He now shares his time between his Dental Clinic in the French Alps, and MODJAW company (Digital Jaw Motion Tracking system) that he co-founded in 2013 with Antoine RODRIGUE.


He is highly involved in the digital transformation of the Dental profession and likes to share his expertise on the management of digital occlusion as well as global occluso-prosthetic approach of patients.


Former President of the ARIA CAD CAM Association, he is lecturing in different universities, congress and conferences around the globe.  

Published: 14 10 2019 Last review: 29 10 2020
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