Mihai Simonia

Graduated the Politehnica University Timisoara, specializing in Computers and Automations. By combining technical knowledge with a more creative part, Mihai decided to follow the road of video production.

He has worked as Art Director for a TV channel for more than 15 years and for the last five years, he shifted his focus from television to photography and video production in the dental field. He started working with Dr. Florin Cofar, first by designing a photo-video set-up and studio in Dentcof and soon they started producing all the visual data for the clinic.

Mihai has designed and filmed short movies, clinical photography and videos together with Dr. Galip Gurel, Christian Coachman, Livio Yoshinaga, Marcelo Calamita, Paulo Kano, Sidney Kina and other top clinicians in the field.

Currently he is the photo-video producer in Dentcof and he is also teaching internationally on advanced photo and video in the dentistry field.

Mihai can provide info on: #digitaldata #pictures #videos #videoproduction #emotionaldentistry #courses #visuals #photostudio 

Mail: mihai.simonia@gmail.com 

Published: 21 09 2015 Last review: 29 10 2020
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