16th - 18th of September 2016

This was the first edition we had in Zagreb, with our partners from SD Informatika. This year we started a new project, the Dentcof Franchise, same courses, same concepts, different locations, closer to our participants. And it was a blast! We had participants not only from Croatia, but from other European countries as well. There were 3 emmersive days about the digital world and about emotions, a vision of the new era in dentistry. Some of the participants told us they discovered resources which they never knew they had. Another participant told us he discovered that art coexists with science and that is meant to help us plan and execute cases. Which was pretty awesome for us to learn!



Motion and emotion - Smile Design

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 02 - 04 March 2017
  Available places: 11 / 20
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English
Published: 14 11 2016 Last review: 28 10 2020
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