Paulo Kano , CDT, DDS

Graduated as a dental technician in 1974, working closely with Dr. Luis Narciso Baratieri.Took his licence as a dentist in 1988, evolving in time to aesthetics, implantology, soft tissue rehabilitation.Founded the “Paulo Kano Institute” 20 years ago, teaching more than 3000 students.His book “Challenging nature” has been edited by Quintessence and translated into 5 languages.

Known as a revolutionary of his field, shifting the focus from artificial to natural aesthetics.Considered the founder and most important developer of the SKYN concept ( a CAD-CAM Anterior Aesthetics Concept formerly known as AST ). 

Nowadays he is lecturing internationally on SKYN and Dental Aesthetics and teaching and practicing in his private dental clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Before and after

Published: 17 08 2015 Last review: 28 09 2020
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