Periodontal Treatments

Perio treatments are surgical and non-surgical procedures aiming to restore the health of the soft tissue ( gingiva ) and bone. Periodontal treatments may vary based on the causes of the defects ( periodontal disease, trauma, functional trauma etc )  and most of the time they need to be integrated in a complex treatment plan that eliminates also the causes before dealing with the defects.

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Longevity and predictability

Predictability comes from planning. Digital technology such as computer-tomography and inter-disciplinary digital treatment planning allows us to correctly determine causes and select the most efficient treatment options for long lasting results.

Minimal invasive philosophy

Each treatment plan is tailor-made for the specific details and challenges for each case, in a minimally-invasive philosophy, that aims to respect and preserve existing biology and to achieve the desired result with the minimum amount of procedures.


All procedurers are performed with local anesthesia, with optional sedation for the anxious ones. Pre-medication and post-medication protocols assure mimimal post-operatory sensitivity.

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24/7 Logistic support

We provide all our patients 24/7 logistic support, through a professional KPG ( Key patient guide ) service. You get a personal contact, who will handle all your logistic needs and make sure you have a smooth experience throughout the treatment.

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                  Periodontal treatments. Predictable and long lasting. Minimally invasive philosophy.

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Published: 28 07 2015 Last review: 29 10 2020
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