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As Jacob Bronowsky used to say: “Science, like art, is not a copy of nature but a re-creation of her.”

This is what the 3rd edition of RAW was all about, re-creating the perfect smile, inspired by what nature has created. And because she never fails to amaze us, we tried to follow in her footsteps and take aesthetics to a whole new level of art. We managed that in three days packed with information, clinical demonstrations and exchanged knowledge for the complex case of beautiful Lavinia, who promised to smile even in her sleep. It was a groundbreaking experience for all of us and we want to express our gratitude to the participants who showed such a great interest and we’re so eager to learn, it was tricky taking them out of the clinic in time for dinner. You all rocked, to say the least!

We thank our wonderful Dentcof team, Lorant and Alejandro who always take it up a notch, our collaborators for supporting the staggering path we’re on and everyone involved in our mission to change modern dentistry, as we know it.



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RAW - Copying natural morphology

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 30 July - 01 August 2020
  Available places: 1 / 12
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  Course language: English
Published: 17 02 2017 Last review: 29 10 2020
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