RAW - Digital workflow 

- March 2018 - 

Each RAW course is a beautiful opportunity to connect with talented specialists from all over the world in pursuit of efficient solutions. Together we explore the pure digital workflow based on the SKIN concept, individualised and simplified in Dentcof's philosophy and optimised for both open and closed CAD-CAM systems. 
During the 3 full days we explored the theoretic and practical sides of an A to Z veneer case, learning and appling each step of the program. 
Thank you for joining us on this trip of shared knowlege and new friendships. 



For a better understanding of 3D design, documentation and data management, on the second day we divided into 5 teams.

Each team practiced on a different live patient, doing everything they learned up to the mockup, under the guidance of Dentcof lecturers: Florin Cofar, Mihai Simonia - data management, Lenu Boca - 3D Design in 3Shape, Darius Costache - 3D Design in Exocad, Fred - Scanning, Modjaw, Tekscan and intra-oral protocol, Ciprian Boca (Cipa) Photo video.




Our journey came to an end on Saturday, with lots of knowledge shared on complete procedures for placing a perfect dam, milling, staining, bonding and of course, creating an unforgetable experience for the patient.






We are grateful for the amazing people who travel from all parts of the world and for all the lovely moments we shared. 

From Timisoara with love, 

The Dentcof team.





RAW - Copying natural morphology

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 30 July - 01 August 2020
  Available places: 1 / 12
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English
Published: 13 06 2018 Last review: 29 10 2020
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