RAW 2.0 - Digital Skin Protocol

29 September - 1 October 2016

So basically what we did was: had an immersive 3 days course, packed with information and clinical demonstration of one complete case and her name is Carina (and it's a fact that look in her eyes will stay there for long), shared knowledge, exchanged laughters and thoughts, had fun, listened to good music, got intrigued (I mean we expected doctors, but we had not only doctors interested in RAW, but also nurses, managers, technicians and IT guys) and stretched to a new experience so that we couldn't go back to the old dimensions. And when we say "we", we are actually talking about both the Dentcof team, our collaborators and our participants whose feed-back has been extatic, or as one of the participants called it "it was one hell of an adventure worthwhile". 

So thank you for this journey and for helping us improve todays' reality by bringing new dimensions to it: 3Shape, Ivoclar Vivadent, SKIN concept, CDC Dental Laboratory, Lhasa. 






RAW - Copying natural morphology

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 30 July - 01 August 2020
  Available places: 1 / 12
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English
Published: 08 10 2016 Last review: 29 10 2020
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