SKINS: The perfect imperfection

Skins are crowns, veneers or ceramic fragments that perfectly copy tooth anatomy, shape and texture, using CAD-CAM technology. Using SKINs, we can replace simmetry with the balance and harmony that natural smiles have, the balance of perfect imperfections. And by playing with the uniqueness of nature, we get uniqueness in our smile designs.


Facially-driven design

The smile is a facial feature, and it can only be admired, judged or in this case planned, from a facial perpective. In every case, we will assemble a digital clone of the patient, using videos, pictures and 3D imagery. On this digital clone we will plan the ideal shape, size and position of the teeth in the future smile.

Digital Smile Design >

Natural. Unique.

Instead of manmade design, we will import natural designs, from nature's unlimited library of beauty. This will make your smile beautiful and uniquely natural. Restorations will be invisible to the viewer's eyes.


Motion and emotion - Smile Design

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 02 - 04 March 2017
  Available places: 11 / 20
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English


RAW - Copying natural morphology

  Dentcof, Timisoara, 30 July - 01 August 2020
  Available places: 1 / 12
  Available in Unavailable
  Course language: English

Before and after

Published: 29 07 2015 Last review: 29 10 2020
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