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At heart we are not just dentists, but explorers. Over the last 8 years we chose to take the road not taken and what we discovered on the way was inspiring people, new experiences and the openness to look not at what dentistry was, but what it can become. Our mission is about testing, promoting and researching new concepts in digital modern dentistry and implementing it in clinical feasible protocols of everyday reality. 


Smilecloud is the result of 3 years of development to create a collaborative environment in which specialists connect in case based teams, plan treatments, communicate, design and access biometric libraries using powerful AI technology in order to provide the best clinically feasible options for each individual patient.


For patients it provides the opportunity to connect to specialists around the world, to make better treatment decisions and to access their personal medical file on the click of a button.



Intuitive Real-Time Photo realistic Design


A powerful tool that works for both analogue and digital environments. You can use to design, replacing the mock-up  entirely, due to the photo realism it provides, or you can use for shape selection and patient communication in the process of creating the mock-up. Adds a layer of versatility to your design and patient experience workflow.


Search for downloadable natural libraries for your case , or printable designs


It is increasingly obvious that the core of digital dentistry revolves around libraries. Embedded in the design process, Smilecloud allows you to use powerful AI technology to search for natural shapes specific for your case. You can choose to download the shapes and go for DYI  ( do it yourself ) in 3D. Or you can get it done for you by Metalab ( Dentcof's Digital Lab ) , and download printable file. Once again versatile.



Store cases - Unlimited, Encrypted, Secured - Pay as you grow

Allows you to store your data ( Photos , Videos , STLS , Cbcts ) in a case based architecture, that you can scale according to your needs. It is fully encrypted, secured and GDPR Compliant. It takes up no hard drive space. Accessible anywhere in the world from a browser. When you download files back to your hard drive , you always get the original uncompressed file back.


Connect with anyone in the world in one click

Using team-up , you can connect to anyone in one click, giving them access to the case, greatly increasing the value of communication among your team, whether we are talking local or global. Each case has its own chatroom, logs, smart notifications. 


Team accounts 

Team accounts provide more tools for clinic environment and larger teams. Easy access to information among team members. Free of charge access to logistic staff. Dynamic web page and more.

Published: 17 06 2019 Last review: 28 10 2020
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