Treatment plan architects

Treatment plan architects are restorative dentists who have the role of designing the cases and elaborating the functional treatment plans. They coordinate the specialists and the dental technicians during treatment. They are also the ones who finish the cases. Treatment plan architects have an overall vision on every case, strong inderdisciplinary knowledge and advanced training in esthetics.

 Ioan 'Sefu' Cofar, DDS, CDT - Complex esthetic cases. Cases with a surgical component and dental implants >
Dr. Florin Cofar, DDS - Complex esthetic cases. Minimally invasive cases, Ortho-Prostho Cases.  >
Irina 'Sefa' Cofar, DDS - Esthetic Cases. Restorative and general dentistry >
Cristina Sas, DDS - Esthetic Cases. 
Restorative and general dentistry >


Specialists have advanced training in one specific domain and a large experience and number of cases in that specific field. They work in treatment teams together with treatment plan architects and dental technicians, depending on the case challenges. Depending on the treament plan complexity, you might need: 

An Endodontist - Performs root canal treatments
An Orthodontist - Will fix bite and tooth position problems
A Surgeon - Will treat problems related to surgery, periodontal disease and dental implants
An Intensive care specialist - Is needed on cases that require sedation or general anesthesia

Alin Dinca, DDS - Surgeon >
Andrei Baloi, DDS - Endodontist >
Ioan 'Johnny' Barbur, DDS, CDT- Orthodontist >
Cornea Corneliu, MDA - Intensive Care Specialist >

Dental and digital technicians

Dental technicians are the ones that fabricate restorations in the lab, and all necesary components. These work closely with the digital technicians that will work on the digital designs and supervise the milling process. Digital technicians also fabricate guides for transfering designs into treatments.

Ioana Popp, CDT - Digital Technician. Master Ceramist
Boca Lenu - Digital Technician
Kveta Barbu - DentalTechnician
Marius Vidu - Dental Technician

Darius Costache - Digital Technician

Dental assistants

Dental assistants are the extra pair of hands dentists have. They are a complementary half of the treatment teams. They also follow up cases, and prepare for procedures.

Camelia Miu - Chief Assistant
Madalina Potra - Dental assistant
Hajni Cristina - Dental assistant
Alina Platon - Dental assistant

Photo. Video. Imaging

The photo-video and imaging team is responsible for the digital conversion of information, and its processing. The digital information, once processed, it becomes the platform used for treatment planning and design.

Mihai Simonia - Visual arts director
Andrei "Fred" Bazavan - Digital Curator
Ciprian Boca - Video Specialist

Logistics. Management. 

Logistics is the backbone that supports the treatment teams and ensures a smooth flow. Handles the patient experience and the education programmes. The management is the crew that defines the values and the mission for the other teams, and makes sure they are respected and implemented at all levels. 

Maria Macarescu - Clinical Coordinator/Key Patient Guide
Madalina Duma - Key Patient Guide
Tania Munteanu - Financial Manager
Cristina Josan - Key Patient Guide

Published: 04 08 2015 Last review: 30 09 2020
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